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David Bowman

3 decades of helping improve education for all children

David Bowman, MA, MBA, has been involved with instructional leadership, teaching and learning systems, program design, and teacher professional development for more than 20 years, plus 8 more years as a classroom teacher. He has served in many education and leadership positions, primarily to support learning for under-served students.

David Bowman is the executive director of the Three Rivers Education Foundation and the designer and director of the Foundation’s reading intervention services. He is a recognized expert in applying research to reading instruction. His videos, guides, and resources have been used by thousands of teachers to help struggling children learn to read well.

Professional Experiences

  • Teacher for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (now the Bureau of Indian Education)
  • Teaching consultant for the Eastern Navajo Agency
  • Member of the NM Council on Technology in Education
  • State Department of Education Director of Advanced Placement, Director of the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, Director (interim) of the Instructional Materials Bureau, Director of the NM Virtual School, Project lead for the state content standards revision in Language Arts/Reading
  • Education consultant in school strategic planning, curriculum development, project evaluation, and instructional design
  • Developer and Director of the Advantage Tutoring Services reading and mathematics after school tutoring program
  • Instructor for the University of New Mexico College of Continuing Education
  • Project Director of various federally funded education projects, ranging from school counseling, education technology, history, and health
  • Executive Director for the International Mentoring Association
  • Executive Director for the Three Rivers Education Foundation
  • Designer and Coordinator for the Three Rivers Education Foundation Reading Tutoring service, with more than 18,000 students assisted in developing reading skills
  • Top requested professional development consultant and trainer in reading instruction

What I Do to Improve Education

I analyze the data, find what is working and what is not working, then create solutions to help ensure that every student has the opportunity and skills to excel. I work with some of the best minds and most committed people to create systemic improvements to the leadership, teaching, and learning process.