Videos on Reading Instruction

These videos explain how to get the best results from reading instruction. Videos cover each reading component…and more!

In 5–15 minutes per video, you get focused information about a specific topic that will help you teach reading. Questions about proven instructional approaches? Get answers here!

These videos explain the major components of the 6 reading skills, plus instructional principles and strategies.

Oral Language Development and Skills

Oral language is the foundation for all literacy skills: What is oral language, and what do we know about instruction?


Brief overview of phonics, sub-skills, and phonics instruction

Phonemic Awareness

Brief overview of phonemic awareness, sub-skills, and phonemic awareness instruction


The essentials of Fluency: What is it, exactly, why is it important, and how do we teach it?


What we mean by “vocabulary instruction,” and what we know about providing it.


Comprehension is the hallmark of reading. Overview of comprehension sub-skills, strategies, and purpose