6 Components of Reading

An interactive workshop on teaching the essential skills of reading


Teachers learn about the 6 components of reading that students need to master to become proficient readers. Teachers develop a strong understanding of the 6 components and learn strategies and instructional activities to help students gain these essential skills.


  1. What are the 6 components of reading?
  2. What do the research and data tell us about how students develop their reading skills?
  3. What are effective strategies and learning activities for teaching reading?
  4. How can we integrate the 6 components in reading instruction?
  5. How do we get students engaged in the learning process?
  6. What are strategies for addressing the needs of diverse learners?

Teachers’ Learning

We use proven strategies and activities for teaching reading to learn how to teach the 6 components of reading. While learning the 6 components, teachers experience the same strategies and activities they can use with their students. In this way, teachers improve their knowledge of what to teach AND how to teach the reading skills students need.


Session length: 3 hours (can be modified from 2 hours to a full day)
Materials: Copies of handouts (master copies will be provided), other materials will be brought to the session
Equipment: Projector and large screen
Space: Sufficient space for teachers to interact with one another, plus a presentation space for teacher and presenter use
Set-up: Tables for teacher work, with clusters of small tables preferred.

Optimal Group size: 18 to 54 teachers (minimum of 12)

More Information

For more information, contact David Bowman at david (at) riroadmap.com

Download the Workshop Flyer

Workshop Samples

Workshop Overview (2:33)


Teacher Interaction (3:22)


Teacher Participation (3:23)